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Peninsula State Park

Parking lot 1

  • White Loop (1.5 miles, esy). A   bit more difficult than the yellow loop, but still geared for beginners, this   trail has several gentle hills. Skiers tour through stands of cedar and spruce   and along marshes adjacent to Green Bay.
  • Black Loop (3 miles, moderate). Skiers of intermediate   skill levels will enjoy the varied scenery and topography. There is one very   steep uphill climb where the trail separates from the white loop. Skiers should   remove their skis for this one. The black loop takes skiers through relatively   remote pine forest over gently rolling terrain. Watch out for the steep curving   hill on the last half-mile section.
  • Brown Loop (3.5 miles, moderate). Skiers of intermediate   skill level will enjoy this loop. This trail continues with the black loop up   the very steep uphill climb where skiers should remove their skis. The brown   loop has one challenging downhill stretch where the trail merges with the purple loop.
  • Purple Loop (5.7 miles, difficult). This is Peninsula’s   most challenging ski trail. Hills are abundant throughout the northern section   of the loop. Access to views of Green Bay from high atop Sven’s Bluff may be   obtained by those ready to take on the challenge.

Parking lot 3

  • Skate Skiing (6.5 miles,   difficult). Combined sections of the purple, blue and green loops are groomed   for skating and striding.

Parking lot 5

  • Yellow Loop (1 mile, easy). This   is the easiest loop, geared for the novice skier.  Skiers traverse very gentle   terrain through hardwood forests and old fields.
  • Orange Loop (3 miles, moderate). This is Peninsula’s most   popular loop.  Skiers with some experience will enjoy gliding down several   hills.
  • Red Loop (3.5 miles, difficult). The red loop is for more   experienced skiers who like the challenge of hills.  Skiing this is basically   the entire orange loop plus an additional section that has a steep downhill.
  • Green Loop (5.6  miles, difficult). This loop is ideal   for intermediate level skiers who are looking for a longer tour.  Skiers travel   through remote areas of the park with a variety of forest types and across one   large field just north of Middle Road. Watch out for some short hills between   Highland and Middle Roads.
  • Blue Loop (7 miles, difficult). This trail encompasses   all the hills encountered on the red and green loops plus takes skiers through a   long section of lesser used trail. Easy access may be made with the purple loop   for longer tours.

Whitefish Dunes State Park

 Cross-country skiing Green trail (1.8 miles)

Green Trail: travels along a forested old dune, through a lowland area which supports the growth of white pine and hemlock trees and back through a beech-maple forest.

 Cross-country skiingRed trail (2.8 miles)

Red Trail: 2.8 miles long, but also has a shorter loop available. The trail takes  hikers to "Old Baldy", the tallest dune in the park, which rises 93 feet above lake level. Old Baldy has an observation platform, for views of Lake Michigan and Clark Lake. A boardwalk and stairs lead to the top.

 Cross-country skiing Yellow trail (4.2 miles)

Yellow Trail: branches off the Green trail at its farthest point. From the dune area, the Yellow trail goes through a cool, quiet, red pine plantation and then back through a wooded dune area.

Snowshoeing Snowshoe trails(2.5 miles)

Black Trail: 2.5 miles long, but also has a shorter loop available. The trail takes hikers through a forest of mixed hardwoods and many exposed rocks. The dolomitic limestone bedrock near the surface is part of the Niagara Escarpment which underlies all of Door County and forms the rock ledges of nearby Cave Point

Potawatomi State Park

Cross-country skiing Cross-country ski trails (8.5 miles)

There are four different loops in the park for cross-country skiers totaling about 8.5 miles. All the trails begin near the picnic area shelter. Drinking water and toilets are available near the start of the trails and in the campground. Pets are not allowed on the ski trails.